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What is Yokto?

Yokto is a free video platform made even better with great Pay As You Go add-ons. Add and manage video content on your website, blog or Facebook Fan Page. Collect videos and presentations from around the web from  YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Brightcove, Photobucket, Ustream and SlideShare for free or upgrade to pro and upload your own! Combine them all into a single, beautiful video player that plays on any device - web, mobile and tablet, and embed simply and quickly on your website or Fan Page


What is Yokto?







1. Collect


2. Manage


3. Embed


4. Share


5. Everywhere

Collect, upload and link to billions of videos and presentations.


Manage entire channels of content with our easy dray & drop interface.


Quickly embed your players in just about any website or blog.


Built in sharing tools make it easy for your viewers to syndicate your content.


Kick back and rest easy. Yokto players play seamlessly across all major devices.

For Publishers

From multinational groups to hobbyists, no matter the size of you publication or website Yokto makes adding engaging video experiences incredibly easy.

With no prior knowledge of player technologies or video production required you can quickly create stunning players filled with content.

Choose from our free platform and collect videos and presentations from all around the web or upgrade your player with our selection of pro add-ons.

For Developers

Save huge amounts of time and effort with Yokto’s complete turn key player solution.

Our code-free, cloud hosted approach means you can quickly deploy mobile ready customisable players, leaving you more time to focus on other parts of your build.

Yokto's transparent pricing structure makes forecasting costs straightforward and easily transferable. Deliver client projects with confidence knowing there are no hidden fees or nasty surprises.

For Enterprise

For those needing to get the most out of their web video experience Yokto is on hand to offer tailored solutions.

From custom player designs to bespoke functionality and even mobile apps, with a dedicated team of developers in-house theres very little we cant help you with.

For more information on how we can help you're organisation, just get in touch.

Our Platform

The Yokto platform is free, easy to use and totally scalable. It packs an extensive list of features and benefits into an effortless user experience and interface.

Quickly create and manage entire channels of content, combining videos and presentations from around the web with your own. Yokto lets you centrally manage all of your content, any changes you make to player content is automatically reflected across your players, no matter where they're embedded.

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+ More player features


Combine media from multiple sources in just one place

Use Yokto’s built in curation tools to search for video from all of your favourite web sources including YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Dailymotion, plus many more all through a single, intuitive web interface.

Drag & drop, point & click - the easiest way to build video players

Yokto massively simplifies your online video publishing and distribution workflow. Using our easy to use web interface, you can quickly and easily create amazing video experiences. collect videos and presentations from all around the web with just a few clicks, organise them into playlists and channels using simple drag & drop and select from a wide range of pre-built video player templates and styles.

Embed video and playlists with ease

Why just embed a video, when you could embed entire TV Stations, awesome Video Walls or whole Playlists just as easily? Share more than just video. Include slide shows and presentations in your playlists from popular sites like Slideshare too.

Integrated video analytics from ALL your media sources

See exactly how your viewers are consuming your content with Yokto’s built in video analytics. Yokto is the only video platform to offer you unified video analytics across ALL of your video sources. combine and compare stats for videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, SlideShare, BrightCove and many more, all through a single, integrated stats dashboard.

Yokto works effortlessly on web, mobile and tablet devices

Instantly deploy your content across multiple platforms. Yokto players work effortlessly across web, mobile and tablet devices.

Yokto Pro - your video at it’s best, everywhere!

When you use Yokto Pro to upload your videos we automatically encode and transcode your video file into multiple formats, ready for intelligent serving to any user device. Yokto Pro optimises your video content for the device your viewer is using, ensuring they get the very best video experience from your website or blog.

Whats more, with Yokto Pro you only ever pay for the videos you actively use, you can activate and deactivate these at any time from your admin. With prices from just $0.10 per video per month Yokto Pro is up to 10 times cheaper than other leading video platforms.

Apple iOS and Android Apps

Extend your reach and engage wider audiences with our Enterprise Apple iOS and Android apps, each built bespoke to your exacting requirements.

AWS S3 video

Connect directly to your own Amazon Web Services Account and always have full control over your content and costs. We’re the first video platform to provide S3 video serving at cost, no mark-ups, no lock-ins. Just great value for money.

Transparent and competitive serving costs

Well versed in enterprise video publishing? Here’s a breath of fresh air: control where your content sits and how much you pay for it. Get video streaming starting at just $0.15 per GB!

Hassle free cloud based video platform

Yokto is a hosted video platform, that means theres no need to download, install or setup any complicated software. You’ll never need to worry about updating or configuring the yokto video platform, all of that’s done automatically. Simply login to the Yokto website and start building great video experiences.

Beautiful players

Integrate Yokto seamlessly with your website or blog, our simple-to-use player templates make building beautiful video experiences super easy.

Unified stats - track usage across all sources in just one place

With Yokto you no longer have to juggle and compare multiple stats engines for all the different video sources you use, through a single integrated dashboard Yokto lets you compare them all at a glance and tunnel down for more granular and detailed information.

All the video analytics you need, and then some!

Yokto’s built in video analytics suite gives you access to unparalleled metrics that span every embed and encompass every user. When you use yokto to manage your video content you’ll get access to stats that include:

Player overview and specific player stats

Quickly and easily see which of your players is working best, allowing you to focus and retarget your content and efforts.

Video usage stats

See which of your videos and content pieces is being consumed the most, with Yokto’s video stats you get an overall understanding across all of your content and can even tunnel down into specific metrics on a video by video basis.

Viewer analytics

Quickly see how many people are visiting your video assets Yokto gives you both unique and total visitors.

Powerful device segmentation metrics

With the mobile web’s increasing popularity it is important now more than ever to know exactly how your audience is consuming your content. Yokto’s built in device segmentation tools give you at-a-glance consumption metrics across all of your content.

User browser stats

Yokto makes publishing to multiple browsers and devices super easy. Your Yokto embed will intelligently serve the appropriate video format and resolution to any browser or device. With it’s built in browser analytics you can see exactly which browsers your audience is using to view your content.

Content consumption by location

One of the many joys of the internet is the freedom it brings in sharing your content with a much wider audience, with yokto’s built in user location metrics you can see exactly where your content is being viewed the most


Our Player

With Yokto you’ll get more than just a video player, each of our players are beautifully designed and crafted with you in mind. Yokto players intelligently switch between Flash and HTML5 in realtime, offering your visitors a deeply engaging experience no matter what device they use to view your content.

Theres a wide range of players to choose from all of which feature built-in social sharing tools. With Yokto all shared links drive visitors directly back to the site you embedded your player on, ensuring you keep all of the shared traffic.


Check out our player demo page and see for your self.

+ More player features


Deploy across multiple platforms effortlessly

With Yokto’s intelligent video players, deploying video across multiple platforms and onto any device couldn’t be simpler. Yokto players are designed to work effortlessly across any user device - web, mobile or tablet, automatically switching between flash and HTML5 players based on your viewers device. Yokto takes care of all the tricky bits, leaving you free to do what you do best, create beautiful video experiences to tantalise and inspire your audience!

Collect video from all around the web

Collect content from all your favourite places on the web including YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Dailymotion, plus many more and combine them all through a single video player. Use Yokto’s built in search and curation tools to quickly and easily create playlists and content channels from all your collected media.

A single embed code is all you'll ever need

When you use Yokto to embed video on your website or blog you’ll only ever need to paste the embed code once. Yokto’s clever embeds automatically detect what device your viewer is using before serving up the appropriate video format and player type. With Yokto you’ll no longer need to build and maintain multiple players or have to manage complicated systems to serve them - just a simple, single line of code is all you’ll ever need!

Yokto turns video players into beautiful design elements

Yokto’s suite of fully loaded player styles and templates make creating immersive video experiences the work of moments. With their simple point & click configuration and beautifully styled layouts Yokto makes big budget, design agency quality video experiences available to everyone, for free!

Worry free cloud based video players

With Yokto theres no need to download or install any complicated software, we host all of our players so you never have to. With a cloud based video player you’ll never have to worry about hosting, configuring or updating your player - it’s all done automatically!

Choose from a wide range of player designs

Yokto’s suite of fully loaded player styles and templates make creating immersive video experiences a work of moments. Choose between a large number of beautifully hand crafted player styles with just a single click. Click here to see our player demo page.

Simple point & click player styling

With their simple point & click configuration and beautifully styled layouts Yokto makes big budget, design agency quality video experiences available to everyone, for free!

Create unique TV style video players

Create stunning TV channels and awesome video walls to share with your website viewers using Yokto’s pre-built player templates.

Yokto lets you embed your entire Youtube Channel!

With Yokto you can embed your entire Youtube channel with just a few clicks. Import all of your YouTube videos with just a single click and embed them directly into your website or blog using any of our stylish players.

Powerful video analytics for ALL your media sources

Yokto is the only video platform to offer you unified video analytics across ALL of your media sources in a single intuitive stats dashboard. No more juggling, aggregating and reporting from multiple analytics engine, with Yokto you can do it all in one place!

Built in social sharing tools help feed the conversation

Every Yokto player has built in social and sharing tools that help your viewers spread your content quickly and easily through their social circles.

YoktoLinks, video sharing the way it should be

When you use yokto to embed video on your site you get all the shared traffic. When a visitor shares the Yokto short URL link on your player it links directly back to your originating site not a third-party or blank page.

One click channel subscription

Subscribe to any Yokto player and be kept in the loop with email notifications every time the channel is updated with fresh content.



Our Vision

Our vision here at Yokto is simple, to make adding mobile ready video to any website or blog extremely easy.

With a strong focus on creating an engaging experience for both our users and theirs, Yokto is built on industry leading, proven technologies and supported by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of developers and video professionals.

We’ll continue to pave the way with innovation and services moving to usher in an era where video simply works, no matter how, where and through what medium it is consumed.

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